London, the capital of England

Hey spotters, Val here with the first destination that I going to talk about in Spot a Place.

First spot London, one of my favorite city in the world, the people accents, the environment, the culture is everything royalty. London has become one of the places most visited from around the globe and its perfect to talk this in my blog to show the beauty of the capital of England


While your in London you should never forget to visit the famous clock tower the Big Ben. The House of Parliament and Elizabeth tower are among London’s best attraction that you must see. The clock tower look spectacular at night when clock strikes at four it illuminates



The place that I stayed in London is called the hotel Savoy. Is one the best luxury located in Strand in the city of Westminster in the center of London. In this place they film a romantic-comedy know as “Notting Hill” starring  Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. This movie is about a famous movie star (Roberts) that goes in to a travel bookstore in Notting Hill and meets an ordinary guy (Grant). The staff of this hotel are so attentive and they help you if you need anything. The room are very modern and they serve with pleasure.


For transportation you have two options. When your arriving at the Heathtrow airport you should take the underground to go to the center of London easily, where you can enjoy the environment and the experience to take the train. Tired of walking and want to sit down while seeing the city, well hop on to the London sightseeing bus, where you get the chance to see London and take a lot pictures while bus is moving forward.


Well thats all for today, keep checking my blog all day for more information about London and more countries that I will talk about it later and I’ll see you in the next time. Val out.


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