Tourist Sights Top 10: London

Welcome to the Tourist Sights Top 10, a section that I’m going to mention the best places of each country from 10 to 1. Today, in this TST 10 I’m going talk about all the places that you need to visit from the capital of England, one of the place that you know or that you might don’t know.

10-  For those how are fan of the Harry Potter books and movies you must see the sets  props and learn how the prepared for all the films in the making of Harry Potter, located in the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, Leavesden in London. Inside of the studio the staff will borrow an iphone and headphones to guide you in each sets and the app will explain all the behind the scenes with details. You will see the great hall, the original costume that the actors wear, Gryffindor’s common room and everything that you saw in the Harry Potter movies. Also you might have a chance to ride a broom stick in a green screen.


9- Want to know where William Shakespeare was born, then come on down to the Stratford-upon-Avon to visit the famous house of the greatest writer in the world. To learn more about this market town that marks his history and know about his childhood memories.


8- Oxford University is one of the best collages in the United Kingdom. Along the way back to London have a chance to to visit this campus. To see the great dinning room located in the Christ Church where it come up the main ideas that brought Harry Potter to life and see one of the place that the movie was filmed.


7- The Prime Meridian of the world is located in London, UK. Had an opportunity to stand on the middle of the earth known as the Greenwich.


6- Want to see where Prince Williams and Princess Catherine got married, then visit the Westminister Abbey. A large, mainly gothic church in the City of Westminister. It is one of the United Kingdom’s most notable religious building and is traditional place for coronations.


5- One of the most place that you must see in the city of London is the Tower Bridge. The bridge crosses the Thames river. Is close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of the city


4- The Tower of London


3- Buckingham Palace is one of the world remaining working royal palace and its the resident of her Majesty. When your in this iconic building you should never miss the changing the Queen’s life guards. This event celebrates every day at 11:00 in the morning with a parade and trumpets.



2- Want to take pictures and see the city looking from high above the ground, riding the London eye is the perfect experience that you will never forget. This modern ferris wheel has become one the greatest attraction ever visit. A complete turn takes about thirty minutes. Thanks to the construction of the glass capsules on the other side of the rim, the passengers have a great 360 degree view over London. Many famous landmark are visible, including Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and of course Big Ben.


1- Finally the place that you will never miss in London is the famous Big Ben. The house of Parliament’s iconic clock tower


Well that’s it for today, comment for more information and I’ll see you on next TST 10 in Spot a Place.








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