Searching the Web

Hey Guys, Val here!

As you all know, the internet has become the center of our social life, to connect with our friends and family and get information in our daily life. But the only way to find items and stay up to date on your favorite movies, actors, books, news, places, etc. is to search. When we hear the word searching we think that is a waste of time and a lot of work to find what your looking for. In my classroom the professor showed some examples of how to search information on the internet and that’s when I thought that it is important to seek what is necessary. Because it leads us to curiosity and the opportunity to explore what is around us. During the class, I searched information about the news of the crisis in Venezuela, rating of every movie , locations of all the countries and a calculator to solve any mathematical problems. The part that interested me most in the search was the Google Translator, if you want to translate something on a web you can copy the URL and paste it in the translator. Once the address is in the translator you can press it and the web appears with a different language.

Remember guys, don’t give up searching stuff on the internet because this life is all about exploring and we have to take that risk to discover what we need to learn for the future. If you didn’t have the ability you wouldn’t even find this blog and other interesting websites. Keep on the good work and I’ll see you next time!

Val out


photo: binoculars by Christopher Liang. liscense CC]


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