Internet: Our new generation

What do I love to do all day while I’m using the internet? Well, first of all, when I get out of bed every morning, I check my Facebook account to see any news from my friends and family. When I’m on my way for a class or any event, I always spend time in the car watching videos on YouTube to hear music and watch clips from any series or movies. But not just that, also when I get bored, I spend quality time seeing snaps of my friends and post my story on Snapchat, see pictures of my favorite series and other things on Instagram and communicate with a group of friends on Whatsapp. Everyday is the same routine and I never have a chance to talk to people around me.

Do you guys ever wonder how our daily life would be without the internet?

Total Nightmare!

But my opinion is, if there was no internet and I lived in the 19th century, I rather to seek information on books in a public library and communicate with other people without electronic devices. Just look at each others eye to eye and share our feelings by seeing people’s gestures. Living in that time would be amazing,  but I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn how to use a computer. In other words, I wouldn’t have the ability to create ideas in a website, edit photos or videos on a documentary, or make Power Point presentations. According to what our parents have told to us, our generation is getting better because communication is developing more.  Thanks to the use of technology, professors now educate students using computers, which helps us learn to communicate well in different languages, particularly english, and use different tools (videos, websites, etc.) as part of the learning process.  We all need the Internet, it can make our society a better place, but we have to realize one thing, never give up on having a conversation with a person face to face.  Because language is the basis of communication, and we cannot leave it in the past. We need it for the future, in order to clearly communicate our hopes and dreams, and develop and maintain a true friendship.

iPhone 6+ Screen

[photo: iphone 6+ Screen by Omar Jordan Fawahal. license CC]



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