Its all about the Big Apple


Ready to explore what the Big City has for you?


New York City is one of the most popular sights ever in the USA. To discover new shops, spend an evening to see a spectacular musical, try new foods in a luxury restaurant and fly in a helicopter to see the wonderful view from high above. Even though is a city very occupied but it is an opportunity to enjoy the environment and to achieve your goals. So sit back, relax and keep on reading because I’m about to show you the best places and hints to have the greatest trip to the Big Apple.


Times Square

[photo: Time Square by Anupam_ts . license CC]

Walk to the 7th Avenue and enter into a intersection where you will find the famous neon lights and digital billboard on each angle. Say hello to Time Square an unforgettable place  and the best city sight in Manhattan. In Time Square you will see a lot of commercials and trailers on every screen plus you will find TKTS booth, located in the red steps, where you can buy tickets to see your favorite Broadway musical, so I suggest to go there to get a discount. Also one of the events that celebrates a lot in Time Square is the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Get a chance to bring someone to kiss at midnight and see the magic of the lights and energy. When I go on a trip to New York I mostly stay at hotels near Time Square because is my favorite environment in Manhattan and is nearby on every theaters and other activities like the Discovery Center, Madame Tussaud, The ABC studio and you can walk directly to Central Park. So if you want to find hotels next to the brilliant lights that shines 24 hours a day, here are some places where you can spend the night:

Crowne Plaza


Marriot Marquis


Double Tree by Hilton




For those who are interesting in shopping  come to the main artery in New York, the 5th Avenue. Where you can find plenty of your favorite and different kinds of stores like H&M, Juicy Couture, Hollister, Urban Outfitters, Apple Store, Zara and so much more. When your in a store you will never want leave without buying something. You will be cat walking in the middle of the streets from 49th to 60th with tons of bags



Hungry? Theres a lot of amazing foods in New York and here are some of the greatest restaurants that I been to!

Juniors  Home of the World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake and is located right in front of the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. Getting ready to visit the sights on the Big Apple and you don’t know where to have breakfast, well Juniors is the place to start  your day with a morning breakfast. Also is open for day and night restaurant and they have their own bakery full sweet pastry.


Lindy’s – Another best place to have a great breakfast in New York is in Lindy’s. I love eatting in this restaurant because they make the best pancakes ever.


John’s Pizza – Want to try the greatest pizza in New York? Then come have lunch in John’s Pizzeria with no slices. Located in the 260W. 44th Street.


NYY Steakhouse – For those who are baseball lovers and fans of the Yankees, come on down to New York Yankees steakhouse, home of the baseball fans nearest to the 6th Avenue and the Rockefeller Center. In this restaurant you get chance to spend time with your family and friends watching the game on a big screen and enjoy the spectacular evening dinner with steaks, seafood, delicious wine and cocktails.


Churrascaria Plataforma – Want a waiter to come to your table and serve a wide variety of different cuts of meats without a non stoping break. Then this restaurant you will have an unforgetable experience like never before. There is no menu, is all about trying a lot of kinds meats until you’re full.


Events In NYC

New York is full of activities and the most important event that a lot people see on month of November is Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in Manhattan. This activity celebrates on the day of thanksgiving every year with many floats, balloons, special guest stars and of course Santa Claus . The parade begins at 75th street near Central Park and ends up in front of  Macy’s department store (34th street near the Empire State Building) where this area is full of production for the telecast and is closed to public. But the parade passes 34th street between  Broadway and the 7th Avenue and you might have a chance to watch the parade passing by. My opinion, if you want to get a better view, you have to be early in time because the parade starts at 9:00am before the show airs on tv



New York is full of surprises and tune in for more information about the best tourist sights and broadway shows. So I’ll see you next time on Spot a Place


Val out!







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