Tourist Sights Top 10: New York

Welcome Back to the Tourist Sights Top 10, a section that I’m going to talk about the best places in each country. Today I’m going mention the most sights ever in New York City, stay tuned for more information and unforgettable spots.


10- Subway- A lot a traffic in Manhattan full of taxis and buses in the surface? Then take the subway to get to destination wherever you want to go. Buy your metro ticket and hop on.


[photo: Subway by Joe Shlabotnik. license CC]

9- St. Patrick Cathedral – Located in the fifth avenue and near the Rockefeller Center come visit this beautiful catholic cathedral. A chance to see this extraordinary temple, take pictures and to communicate with Jesus Christ for this wonderful opportunity to visit New York

St. Patrick's Cathedral

[photo: St. Patrick’s Cathedral by Eric Haake. license CC]

8- Museum modern art-


[photo: MoMa by hibino. license CC]

7- 9/11 museum and memorial– In this memorial museum you will discover a lot of details about what happen on September 11 and you will find object part of the World Trade Center buildings.

World Trade Center, WTC2

[photo: World Trade Center, WTC2 by John Cunniff license CC]

6- Museum Natural History- is one of the biggest museums in the world along with its category. It takes you on a incredible adventure about space, also explore the life on the safari in Africa and discover the collection of bones that the are related in the past known as dinosaurs and fossils.


museum of natural history - 04/08

[photo: museum of natural history – 04/08 by dani. license CC]

5- Rockefeller Center- Want to skate on ice? Rockefeller is the right place to live this incredible moments in New York.

Rockefeller Center, New York City

[photo: Rockefeller Center, New York City by Bob Hullinger. license CC]

4- Central Park – Spend the day walking in this enormous park with over 3.4 square kilometers and enjoy this wonderful nature in the big city. Central Park has plenty of events and attractions so you can visit like the wollman rink, the mall and literary walk, shakespeare garden, zoo, carousel, the great lawn and more.

Central Park

[photo: Central Park by m01229 license CC ]

3- Brooklyn Bridge- come along and an have an unforgettable experience in walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York City

[photo:New York City by Andrés Nieto Porras license CC]

2- Statue of Liberty- Take a ride on a boat and had chance to step to the Statue of Liberty. This amazing sculpture was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a french sculptor. It was a gift to the United States from the people of France.

NY Statue of Liberty

[photo: NY Statue of Liberty by Celso FLORES License CC]

1- Empire State Building–  Don’t you ever forget about leaving this city without visiting the Empire State Building. In this observatory you will experience 3d screen flying all over the big city, exhibition about the building, gift shops for souvenirs and most of all experience the spectacular view of Manhattan.

Empire State Building:  Day into Night

[photo: Empire State Building: Day into Night by John Cunniff licence CC]

Do you love it comment and let me now. See you next time of TST 10 on Spot a Place!

Val out!






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