Add an Icon in your blog



Val here! with something fascinated that I learned in my class. If you have your own web, then you  might considered this article if you want to make your blog better. Are you tired with the same old boring WordPress icon that appears on the top of the pages next to your blog site? Now you can change it, with adding your favorite icon for your blog!



How do I do it? Well I’m going to explain it to you step by step:

1-  First, log in on your account in WordPress.


2- When you enter on your page in WordPress, move your mouse on My Site.

3- While your in My Site, click the three points that they’re located next to your URL.

4- When you click the three point, it will show if you want to edit an icon, you click it and it will send you to another page.


5- Finally your in the page of General Settings and you will see on your right hand a  column that says Blog Picture/ Icon. Click choose file and you can select a picture that you like from downloads.


Bara Bing Bara Boom! heres your own icon. Just follow these quick 5 steps and you will have your icon in no time. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I’ll see you on the next post in Spot a Place.

Later, Val out!



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