We just killed our Final Presentation

Hey spotters!

Val here, sharing the greatest experience ever in “La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.” Today it was my final presentation in the class of informatics and it went extraordinary. The class loved it and even the professor love the presentation on Power Point and team work.


Along with my fellow classmates:

Alanis Colina- The Antonmattei Project

Felix González- Guyabera de Coco

Jared Marerro- Capturarte

This was my first project to make interviews with professionals and the theme that we choose for this final presentation is photography. At first, I didn’t have the experience about photography but I was interested to know about the edition that they use in the computer and discover if is better to edit pictures in digital or taking the process in laboratory. The person that I had the opportunity to interview is Nitza Luna, a professor of photography in “La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.” On the day of the interview, I was very nervous if I was going to make a mistake of asking the question. But when I enter to her classroom, my nervous was gone and I just go with the flow. She was very nice to me and during the interview it went very successful. she share to me her story of her life, her career about photography and her latest works. I learned a lot from professor Luna, she told me that the only way to learn more about the art of photography and how the light influences the images is passing to the process in laboratory, using analog photography.

Working together with my group was a great experience, we have our ups and downs but everything turn out great just like we thought of. We always organize our presentation in Power Point and we also share our own creativity for the project. I figure that we all have different personalities and ideas but with working together and using our abilities, we make it unstoppable.

I really enjoy making this project because I learn how to make better interviews and I hope to make more questions to other famous people again. Because I love to hear more about their stories and their dreams, to share it or write it of what I experience it in public.

I hope you enjoy our presentation and here it is so you can see it in your own eyes. See you next time on Spot a Place.

Val, out.



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