Hey, San Francisco!

Hey spotters!

Val her and today on January 5th 2017, I’m in San Francisco for vacation with my parents. It is my first time that I’m visiting this hilly city in the nothern west of California. Full of cable cars, japanese tradition and bays. In this article I will be talking about my arrival in this wonderful place, what I enjoyed and tips.

When I departed from Puerto Rico, I stop by in Atlanta to make a scale to San Francisco. The flight took 5 hours to reach our destination. While I was watching movies on Delta airlines, I enjoyed the fantastic view from my window. I saw the Mojave desert and a lot mountains cover with snow.

Arriving at SFO


I thought about leaving the airport of SFO witn no jacket but when I step outside, it was pretty damn cold, and my hands were freezing. My parents and I took a taxi to take us to the center of the city and to our hotel. The hotel that we choose is the Marriot Marquis, it is located in the Union State, thtat is a place where there is a lot of stores that you might recognize and expensive ones. This hotel has 39 floors and at the top of the building there is a lounge with an unforgettable view of San Francisco.

After we left our luggage at the hotel, we take a walk at the Union Square, along the way we stop at my favorite store, Adidas. Ahhhhhh I felt that I was in my own paradise! I got a chance to try one of the famous shoes that i been dying to buy it and I got lucky because the were the last sneakers on sale. I finally got my Christmas present, don’t judge me!

Later then I saw a cable car in the middle of the street. These fine cable carts dosen’t have an engine to move it, they control it by a cable that is underneath the street.  I took a nice picture with the cart and I watched when it turns around.

Its been a great day and tommorrow is going to be even better, so stay tunned with blog to write more about San Francisco. See you next time. Bye!


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