The spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Hey Spotters!

Want to know which view is better to see or take pictures in the most iconic place in San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge? Well, I’m going to mention 3 different points of views to see clearly this famous bridge on earth.


  1. North Vista Point- is located on the other side of the bridge and out of the city. Passing to the Golden Gate you will find this point on your right side. A lot of people visit in this area to take pictures because tourist bus, like Big Bus and Sightseeing San Francisco make stops for people to come down and watch the view of the bridge. As you can see in this picture there is me with the view of the Golden Gate Bridge at the North Vista.


  1. Marin Headlands- Next to the North Vista Point, Marin Headland is a hill. When you reach at top you will see this fantastic view of The Golden Gate Bridge like you see in the picture right down bellow. If your in the North Vista Point you can cross to the Marin. But the question is, how will I cross if there is road where cars are passing by? Well first things first you need find the stairs nearby , when you see them you go right down and you will find a little tunnel underneath the road for people to pass to the other side. Once your out of the tunnel you follow the path that leads you to the hill up to the top.


3. Crissy Field- is a park that is located next to the bridge. This area is near on the edge of the ocean and in the city of San Francisco. Is a great spot to have a picnic, take a swim on the beach and to walk by with bikes.


Best Point of View is:

Marin Headlands


Marin Headlands is my favorite point of view to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Best to take photos to show to your friends and family and see the beautiful city of San Francisco. Climbing this hill and see this wonderful sight is one of the most greatest experience that you will treasure it forever.



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