One cruise, many spots.


Val here, do you ever wonder to travel a lot of different countries in Europe but you don’t have the time and the money to visit everywhere? Now you have the chance to come aboard in a magnificent cruise that takes you to unforgettable places that you dream of. Today I’m going to share you guys my experience on a Greek island cruise and talk about all the best tourist sights, food, entertainment and so much more. If you want to take a vacation related of what I did, keep on reading, here they are in order.

Venice, Italy


Arriving in Italy to take a cruise to Greece? pretty amazing! The only departing for cruise that it will take us to the Greek islands is in the port known as the “City of Bridges”. Before you get on board don’t forget visiting Venice. You will appreciate it, just take few more days and take a ride on the river with a “gondole” and explore the city by crossing some bridges along the way.


Welcome Aboard


The cruise that I chose to travel the Greek islands is called the MSC, one of the finest cruises in Europe. It took 7 days and 6 nights at sea by stopping in every destination to visit. For more information you can check their website to find out where this cruise can take you next.




Olympia, Greece


Want to know where the Olympics games begin? in the island of Olympia you will take a tour that it will lead to where the original games all started. It has a big stadium of races, fights, a lot of history and so much more. Come along and live the experience of the ancient Greece.



Santorini, Greece


The spectacular view from up the hill and the precious town full of white buildings on every conner of the island. Santorini is one of the best spots in all of Greece, if you really love the ocean completely blue you will never want to leave the place. I arrive in a cruise and I take a boat to get to the island because the ship can’t get nearby of the island. When I step foot on land I have to climb up the mountain to get to the village. At the top of the island it was very dessert but when you enter into this small town the sights are phenomenal. I have to recommend you that this paradise is a great place to relax and sit back to hear the wonderful breeze of the ocean.


Athena, Greece



Dedicated to the goddess of wisdom and daughter of Zeus, Athena.


Corfú, Greece

Want to take a day off and go to a beach in Europe? Corfú is the right place. Come along, bring a chair and a towel and enjoy seeing this wonderful cove near the ocean and take a swim beyond the blue waters. In this beach there a lot of fish so you can do snorkeling and walk up to the hill to discover some new points of view of the island of Greece.


Verona, Italy 


I got back to Venice from my excellent cruise to the Greek islands and when I say to  my parents that I want to explore more about Italy I had the opportunity to visit Verona. If you don’t have nothing to do in Venice take the pleasure to ride a train that it takes you to the place where Romeo first met Juliet. Take a ride on the City Sightseeing bus and you will see all the activities that Verona has. In this city you get the chance to try the best pizzas and walk into a one street filled with plenty of shops. While your in Verona don’t forget to stop by into Juliet’s house to see the famous balcony, take a tour into her humble home and  write a letter  for her so that she can give you an advice about love.


Do you like my experience? Now you plan and create your own experience by taking a cruise that leads you into your favorite for more comments or questions write it down so I can respond and I’ll see you next on Spot a Place

Val Out.


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